Need real-time help for transforming your passion work into a sustainable, revenue-generating business?

It's here. Inside The Huddle!


We know you have tons of questions about HOW to establish or grow your writing, speaking, podcasting, coaching or online ministry. And the Guide will unveil a ton of answers. The Huddle makes those answers PERSONAL.

• • • • • • • •

Because sometimes... don't you wish you could just ASK somebody in real life how to do this thing, what steps to take next, or if what you’re doing is on the right track? The Huddle has your answers!

• • • • • • • •

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could reach inside the playbook and actually TALK to the Ministry to Business coaches? So you could figure out how to apply all this advice to YOUR unique situation

Yeah, that would be pretty fantastic

Which is why we created a way to do it.



The M2B Huddle operates on this game plan:

Inside this exclusive online coaching group, we'll show you how to:

• • • • • • • •


Get answers you can use (we invite you to ask questions related to YOUR personal ministry and business strategies)

• • • • • • • •


Advance your craft (whether it’s writing, speaking, selling, you name it)

• • • • • • • •


Share your message (expert teaching and Q&A on all the best practices for promoting and growing your ministry)

• • • • • • • •


Monetize your passion (get feedback and timely advice from seasoned pros on how to generate revenue from your efforts)

• • • • • • • •

AND! We’ll show you HOW to do all this in a way that is life-giving for the long haul! 


What is Ministry to Business (M2B)?

A choice to run your ministry like a business on a mission.

Ministry to Business was founded by four seasoned pros in the Christian communicator marketplace who LOVE to come alongside other creatives and faith-based entrepreneurs like YOU, to encourage and equip you to serve like a ministry and run like a business. Why? So your work can be sustainable and life-giving, rather than spiritually and financially draining.

Whether you're new to the Christian communicator industry or you've been writing and speaking for ages, you'll find wisdom and insight here to help you grow and monetize your ministry. All faith-based writers, bloggers, authors, speakers, podcasters, vloggers, teachers, coaches, makers and more are WELCOME among us to encourage one another as we work with all our hearts, "as working for the Lord” (Colossians 3:23).

• • • • • • • •

At Ministry to Business, we are all about creating and growing SUSTAINABLE ministries that are not marked by emotional, physical, spiritual or financial burnout. Providing for your family and serving your ministry should not require neglecting your family to serve your ministry. Inside the M2B Huddle, we’ll teach you how to work from a place of settledness and peace instead of striving and panic. Sounds amazing, right?? That alone is worth the cost of admission (and a large tub of popcorn).

What makes The Huddle different?

We get it. You’ve got lots of coaching options to choose from. From mastermind groups to conferences to a plethora of online courses and business coaches poised to help you grow your audience, establish your marketing strategies, build an email list… lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

But here’s the thing.

We aren’t competing with any of them.

We’re championing them.

That's right, we're supporting them.

And ENHANCING them... with a unique and faith-based focus on: 

** establishing a BIBLICAL MINDSET toward finances

** so you can SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY from your ministry

** which enables you to KEEP YOUR MINISTRY RUNNING without financial burnout or stress!

• • • • • • • •

And best of all? The M2B Huddle is THE PLACE where you can GET YOUR OWN QUESTIONS ANSWERED!


We don’t just talk AT you. We talk WITH you.

The M2B Huddle is designed for conversation. It’s a space where you can really dig into the principles you learned in our Ministry to Business Guide and get real-time answers from seasoned experts on YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS AND PROJECTS... so you can continue progressing in your ministry-to-business plan.


And we're exploring questions like these:

Here's what you'll get inside the M2B Huddle

Ask an Expert Anything

Live Q&A with a special guest from within the Christian communicator industry. Once a month we’ll invite a veteran insider to divulge all their secrets on a variety of topics related to growing your ministry-to-business, so you can learn from their successes AND their mistakes! You’ll get a chance to submit your questions in advance and watch the replay in case you can’t catch the live event.

Team Coaching

...with your Ministry to Business Guides: Lisa-Jo, Becky, Katie and Jon! Once a month we’ll bring the Guide to life in a live group video event where you can ask us ANYTHING about your ministry-to-business projects, and we’ll share our wisest advice to help you move your ministry forward. This alone is a GOLDMINE. An hour of one-on-one coaching with any one of us individually would cost $150 or more. But you’ll get FOUR of us at once (a $600 value!!) included in your Huddle membership!

Cheat Sheets

Shared monthly to give you even more great insight into growing and understanding your business. These quick-reference PDFs will break down complex concepts into simple, at-a-glance guides designed to help you quickly and clearly understand HOW to implement your Huddle coaching lessons. These CHEAT SHEETS take the mystery out of your next steps and will serve as excellent supplements to the Ministry to Business Guide.

Freebies and Prizes galore!

Our own Coaching Champion, Katie Reid, will delight us with monthly giveaways and rewards for a job well done. This ain’t no BORING COACHING GROUP, folks! The Huddle is all about FUN and FRIENDLY CONNECTIONS with fellow Huddlers, so bring your party hat and let’s get your funky huddle on!

Huddle Help

...from your fellow Huddlers. Here is the community who can’t wait to brainstorm ideas with you. We’ll host weekly question and answer conversations where we crowdsource your burning questions and weigh in together on the answers. The Huddle will gather in an exclusive Facebook group where your Ministry to Business coaches will engage with you regularly, and--the best part--you can build community with other Huddlers, sharing questions, experiences, support and solidarity.

You Belong Here

We know this ministry-to-business life can feel lonely sometimes. Many of us are unique (i.e., oddballs) within our friend and family circles, and few of our in-real-life friends truly understand what we do all day, the hopes we harbor, or the challenges involved. That’s why it’s so life-giving to connect with other Christian ministry-to-business communicators around the world who truly GET YOU and your passion for writing, speaking, podcasting, teaching, online business and creating of all sorts. And that’s exactly what you’ll find inside the Huddle. A community of like-minded creatives who want to serve their audience, their families, and their Jesus well. 

The world needs you.

And we need one another.

Let’s Huddle together... and win the world for Christ!


Meet Your Coaching Team

Hey, friends. We're Lisa-Jo, Becky, Katie and Jon—a team of Christian creatives and business-minded folks who LOVE Jesus and believe He has called us to ministry.

Collectively we've published nine books, uploaded hundreds of podcast episodes, spoken all over the country, coached fortune 100 companies, and posted on social media no less than 600 billion times (feels like, anyway).

Over the last decade-plus we've seen and done all the things, from blogging to coaching to online marketing, product launching, traditional and ebook publishing, conference networking and SO MUCH MORE.

We know what works and what we wish we'd never wasted time on.

And we're here to show you how to learn from our successes as well as our mistakes. We can't wait to see you inside the Huddle!

Lisa-Jo Baker

Partners & Communications Champion

Lisa-Jo is a former attorney and the author of 3 books, including the Publishers Weekly bestseller, Never Unfriended and a Bible study for both adult women and teens. She is a national speaker and syndicated author, her writings have been featured on HuffingtonPost Parents, Christianity Today, (in)courage, Focus on the Family, and the Hallmark Home & Family Channel and she is the co-host of the popular Out of the Ordinary Podcast. Lisa-Jo lives just outside Washington DC with her husband of over 20 years and their three very loud kids.

Becky Kopitzke

Product Development & Marketing Champion

Becky is the author of 3 books including her latest release, The Cranky Mom Fix, which was featured recently on Focus on the Family. Becky is a veteran freelance writer and writing coach with special expertise in digital products and sales funnels. Her work has appeared regularly on websites for Kirk Cameron, Zondervan's FaithGirlz, popular Christian blog The Better Mom, and many others. Becky lives happily ever after in northeast Wisconsin with her husband of 20 years (who is also a work-from-home entrepreneur), their two teen/tween daughters, and two feisty pups.

Katie Reid

Affiliate Program & Coaching Champion

Katie is the author of Made Like Martha and A Very Bavarian Christmas and co-host of The Martha + Mary Show podcast. She has been featured in numerous publications including HuffPost, TODAY's Parenting Blog, and Focus on the Family. As a coach and mentor, Katie inspires others to live out their God-given purpose and bring life to their creative projects. She thrives on connecting fellow communicators with one another so they can benefit from sharing their talents. Katie and her pastor husband live in beautiful rural Michigan with their five lively children.

Jonathan Purifoy

Business Management Champion

Jon is a seasoned sales professional and business consultant with expertise on both ends of the spectrum, from Fortune 500 companies to small family-run ventures. He is the founder of Black Barn Solutions, LLC, and co-founder of Black Barn Press, a community designed to support Christian creatives in the publishing industry. As a work-from-home entrepreneur, Jon and his wife (author Christie Purifoy) have perfected the art of work-life balance. They live the dream in Pennsylvania with their four children.


So what does it cost to join the M2B Huddle?

Well that's the best news! Right now you can join the M2B Huddle for our special Founder’s Rate:

Only $29 a month!

As a reminder, here’s what that $29 is actually worth:

ASK THE EXPERT special guest coaching: $200+ value

TEAM COACHING with your M2B Guides: $600 value

CHEAT SHEETS worth up to $49 each

COMMUNITY with fellow faith-based creatives, communicators, and business-minded folks: Priceless

* * * * * * * *

That’s a total value of $849 per month

For only $29!

But HURRY, because our Founder's Rate is only available for a limited time!


Frequently Asked Questions

When enrollment opens, just click on the handy pink Sign-Up button and you'll be taken to a checkout page. Fill in your name, email, and payment info, and we'll send you a link to hop aboard the private Facebook group!

That is a great question, and we're so glad you asked! The Ministry to Business Guide is packed with tips and strategies to earn an income from your ministry. The Huddle is the place where your Guide comes to life with real-time coaching on how to implement those strategies for YOUR business needs. In The Huddle you can ask questions, get answers, and glean wisdom and solidarity from fellow Christian communicators and creators. The Huddle takes your Guide to the next level with ongoing support and training from a team of veteran insiders.

Please reach out to us at [email protected].  Our customer service team will quickly respond and get you the help you need.

Absolutely! The group is designed with weekly Q&A and open forums. You will be able to submit questions and dialogue about your specific issues.

Oh, sorry, didn't we tell you? You're stuck with us for life. Ha! Joke. Okay, seriously, we are sorry to see you go. If you're SURE you want to cancel, you're free to do that anytime. Just remember you can join again in the future, however, the monthly price will increase after the introductory founder's offer. To cancel, please email us at [email protected] and we'll cancel your account for you {sobbing the whole time, boo hoo!}.

You are welcome to cancel anytime; however, once your monthly payment is submitted, we are unable to refund it. Contact us at [email protected] with questions about your membership.

Street cred? Yep, we got it.

Among the four of us, we've worked with a boatload of legit people and places. Here's a sampling of 'em.

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