Three Quick Ways to Make Networking Work for You

networking Apr 14, 2021

What do you think of when you hear the word networking?

Maybe you imagine a pushy salesperson at a dinner party who ignores the social cues or that persistent "friend" on social media who doesn't take no for answer and keeps showing up in your DMs with a great offer for you to consider?

Here at Ministry to Business, we know firsthand that networking doesn't have to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. It can be done in a life-giving way—in a way that makes you want to high five instead of hide!

1. Treat people as you want to be treated.

  • We know this seems obvious, but it's really important...before you reach out to ask a favor of a colleague, think about how you'd want to be treated. This small step can help you avoid big blunders when it comes to networking.
  • If you're asking someone to guest post on your website or be interviewed on your podcast, think through what's in it for them. What could make this ask worth their time and expertise? Time is a limited commodity and as much as they might want to be generous and help they only have so much time, be sure to honor that!
  • Whether writing a book proposal, or launching a new product, or improving as a speaker, we can learn much from others. Instead of asking to "pick someone's brain" (ew! that sounds kind of weird, right?), do a little research to see if that person already has a book, podcast episode, or offers coaching in the area you are wanting to know more about.
  • Keep in mind that the encourager probably needs some encouraging. What are some simple, genuine ways you can reach out and encourage someone you admire? Maybe drop them a note of encouragement (email, snail mail, or leave a comment on social media), leave a positive book review of their book, or recommend them for an opportunity. Don't give to get, but give to uplift those around you.

2. Start noticing others instead of waiting to get noticed.

  • There are great people around you who just might be waiting to get asked to be a part of something. Don't overlook them. Often you'll find your people when you see those right in front of you and serve them well. Be the inviter, be the includer, and see what God does!
  • Call out the qualities and talents you see in those you meet online and in person, and see if there is a way you can collaborate on a project together or bounce ideas off one another. You might want to consider forming a Mastermind group, where you hold each other accountable to take actionable steps forward (that's how Ministry to Business was formed)!
  • Instead of facing off in competition, ask God to help you link arms with others to further the Kingdom with a collaborative spirit. Double your efforts instead of dividing your strength!

3. Be sure to read, or reread, all the great tips on life-giving networking on pages 31-32 of the Ministry to Business Guide.

Cheering you on,
Lisa-Jo, Becky, Katie and Jon

P.S. Want to start networking with others, TODAY, in a friendly, non-threatening, we're-in-this-thing-together kind of way? If so, consider this your invitation to join us inside the Ministry to Business Huddle. It's a coaching hub for communicators like you to grow and monetize your message with real-time help and a whole lot of fun. Join the Huddle!


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